Stop the Props and Cool the Engines!


Three weekends out of the past four have seen me at aviation events, two full air shows and a smaller event at Prague’s international airport to mark its 80th anniversary.

Happily, that has given me lots of new pictures to freshen existing articles with as well as to build new articles around.

On the other hand, it’s left me rather tired an needing a break before the next planned aviation related activity.

Most immediately, the following articles have had partial refreshment of photographs:


On a more protracted timescale, my existing article on the Let L-200 Morava will be subjected to both photographic and text updates through the year.

Partly, this is because I’ve recently made contact with a pilot of the type in the Czech Republic who has kindly provided me scans of some original marketing brochures from the 1960s that will no doubt help to expand the article.

Additionally, 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the Morava’s first flight. The air museum in Kunovice has put together a special exhibition relating to this and I plan to visit it during the summer months.

Watch this space:


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