A Museum in Need of Some Help

This post is most specifically aimed at my readership in the United Kingdom. However, if you’re from points further afield you may still be able to help.

I’ve just become aware that on June 25, 2017, vandals broke into the East Midlands Aeropark and did damage to the museum shop and hangar.

While I have not visited the museum myself, I am aware of the very good reputation it has and one day hope to pay it a visit.

Having done volunteer work at museums in the past, I’m well aware that the museum business is difficult enough without vandals making things harder.

The museum has a crowdfunding project underway to raise funds for repairs. They have a goal to reach GBP 5,000 and, at the time of writing this, there are 19 days remaining on the crowdfunding project for them to achieve that goal.

Here is a link to the crowdfunding project if you wish to help:


This link will take you to the East Midlands Aeropark website where you can learn more about them and their collection:



3 thoughts on “A Museum in Need of Some Help

    • flylady33 July 15, 2017 / 15:54

      I wish that I could donate but my funds are slim. I know that museums are a valuable part of our culture. At a later time I hope I can donate. Good luck on your ctoudfunding.

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