Pushing it out of the Hangar for 2018!


A Look Back and a Look Forward

After a bit of holiday time spent deleting dead links in articles and finding new links to replace the dead ones or to enhance the reference sections of existing articles, both my blogs are ready to go into 2018.

2017 is now in the past and a fresh year greets us all. The turning of a new year is always a good opportunity for a bit of reflection and a bit of goal setting.

The past year was one of extra reflection for both of my blogs as it marked the fifth anniversary for both. As I’ve seen many blogs come and go and survive a year or less as their respective writers’ priorities or interests dictated, I have to say that the five years I’ve been at my blogs is quite a good run and I’m happy to keep them going.

If I’m to be 100% honest about things, five years is a remarkably good run for a pair of blogs that were started as a sort of challenge from a friend who pestered me for the better part of a year to start a blog despite my scepticism that I had anything worth blogging about. (Thanks, James!) 🙂

I can say, in the case of both blogs, that I largely accomplished my goal of revisiting and updating existing articles while still providing new material. That’s a goal I plan to keep for both through 2018.

For Pickled Wings specifically, one of my goals in 2018 is to give much needed updates to Some of the Czech air museums I have existing entries for. The Kbely musum in Prague has seen expansion in the past couple of years and I’ve not yet been to see the new sections.

Additionally, I hope my continued attempts to visit the air museum in Koněšín will finally meet with success. I’ve not managed to get to the museum since it was forced from its previous location in Olomouc.

At that, please advance to the gate and prepare to board Pickled Wings flight number 2018!