Aero Ae-45/145 Revisited


Further to my goal of revising and improving upon some of my older existing posts, I’m happy to announce the completion of revisions to my article about the Aero Ae-45 and Ae-145 aircraft family.

This was one of the blog’s earlier articles and in the interim I’ve had several opportunities to see the two examples that remain airworthy in the Czech Republic and talk to the owner of one of them.

I’ve also been able to find some extra online reference sources to help me make significant expansions to the text and give you a more rounded insight into this remarkable aircraft.

The revised article has more text, mostly fresh pictures and is waiting for you:


Pickled Wings Turns 5!


The Five Year Flypast

I started Pickled Wings in November of 2012. That means November of 2017 will mark a full five years of this blog’s existence.

When I started blogging, at the urging of a friend, I had no idea that I would enjoy it as much as I do or that anyone would enjoy what I choose to blog about as much as it seems they do.

I most certainly didn’t imagine myself still blogging after five years.

Flying Straight and True

Reflecting on five years of this blog and the current content of it, I can happily say that I have largely stayed true to my goal for it to be a general interest level aviation history resource with the focus on the human end of the aircraft rather than technobabble and jargon.

In the course of creating articles for individual aircraft types, I have also experimented with additional features to keep things fresh. Happily, going by the blog stats page, most of what I’ve added as new features has been well received by the readership.

On the matter of the information available through the stats page, let’s take a look at some Pickled Wings trivia (all figures current as of October 2017):

Number of followers: 305

Top 5 visited posts:

Sukhoi Su-7 “Fitter” – Fast and Fiendish (Total views: 1,443)

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 “Farmer” – The Forgotten MiG (Total views: 1,117)

Bucker Bu-131 Jungmann – Germany Returns to the Sky (Total views: 938)

Let L-13 Blaník – Gliding Globally (Total views: 694)

The MiG-15 – The Plane that Made MiG (Total views: 685)

Top 5 visitors by country:

United States of America (Total visitors: 9,863)

Czech Republic (Total visitors: 5,200)

United Kingdom (Total visitors: 3,581)

Germany (Total visitors: 2,244)

Canada (Total visitors: 1,749)

Of course, the stats page only gives numbers and general ideas of what works and what doesn’t in the content. It says nothing for how individual visitors actually feel about the website.

After five years, I’d like to know this.

Your Place to Speak

I’m grateful for everyone who takes the time to visit Pickled Wings, even if they decide not to become followers.

I’ve put together this short and informal survey to give me some additional information about the readership that the stats page doesn’t give.

I hope you will take a bit of time to fill it out and give me the information I need to continue making this blog an enjoyable place and useful resource for you.

The survey is annonymous and I’ve set the deadline for responses as November 8, 2017 at 14:00 Central European Time. I plan to post the results on the blog shortly after that deadline.

Please take care when responding as you will not be able to edit your responses once you leave the survey page.

Please follow this link to the survey and thank you in advance for taking the time to fill it in:

The L-13 Blaník Revisited


I’ve decided, with the airshow season and outdoor museum season in the Czech Republic at an end for 2017, I’d take this weekend as a housecleaning one at Pickled Wings. I’ve moved all of my pre-summer posts to the permanent menus and deleted a few others.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to revisit my existing entry on the Let L-13 Blaník sailplane. the Oldtimer Weekend event held at Brno’s Medlánky airport in early September provided me with more than enough pictures of Blaník family members to completely refresh the photographic content of that article.

Additionally, I did some text editing in the section of the article concerned with motorized variants of the Blaník.

I hope you’ll enjoy the fresh look of that article:

Let L-200 Morava Revisited


I’ve recently made text and photo additions to my existing, and quite popular, entry on the Let L-200 Morava.

The additions include two new photographs plus a new section of text focusing on how the aircraft was marketed to the world. It really was a remarkable machine for its class at the time it was new.

I was able to make the additions thanks to Mr. Libor Smolík of Smolik Air in the Czech Republic. After meeting with him at a small event a few months ago and getting into conversation about the Morava, he offered to provide me with a marketing brochure that was used to sell the aircraft on the export market.

I hope you will enjoy the new information and more well rounded feel they give to the entry: